water damage in homeDid you know that about 37 percent of U.S. homeowners have suffered losses from water damage? Statistics show that over 14,000 Americans experience water damage at home or work every day. At the same time, approximately 10 percent of homes have leaks that waste at least 90 gallons of water daily. Water damage is a major problem that shouldn’t be overlooked. It can happen to anyone, anytime.

Mold growth, allergic reactions, eczema, cough, and bacterial infections are the most common side effects of water damage on human health. In rare cases, death can occur. Hiring a water damage restoration company is the best way to protect your health and your personal belongings in case of a flood, so don’t hesitate to seek professional help.

Causes of Water Damage

Water damage is usually caused by bad weather, damaged household appliances, leaky pipes, and faulty plumbing. A broken water heater, a frozen pipe, or a clogged toilet can lead to major damage and costly repairs. If you notice any signs of damage, check the affected area immediately. Look for cracks and leaks, clean up the floor or walls, and remove mold. Try to identify the cause of water damage so you can prevent future losses.

Categories of Water Damage

This incident can be classified into three categories depending on the source and type of water. The first category refers to clean water that is safe for human health. This type of water damage is caused by sink overflows or faulty household appliances. The second category, or grey water, may cause health problems if contacted or consumed by humans. The third category, or black water, contains pathogens and toxins that cause sickness.

Before cleaning up the area, it’s important to determine the severity of damage. Class 1 refers to minor water damage. In this situation, there’s only a small amount of water that has flowed into the area. Class 2 refers to water damage that has affected larger spaces, such as the entire room. If the walls and ceilings have been severely damaged, then you’re dealing with Class 3 water intrusion. Class 4 refers to water damage affecting building materials and assemblies, such as hardwood floors and concrete.

Water Damage Restoration

Whatever the cause and source of water damage, it’s crucial to clean up the area and stop the leak or drip as soon as possible. Cover the roof or the broken windows, move wet items to dry areas, and remove as much water as possible by blotting and mopping. Take photos if possible. Turn air conditioning on to speed up drying, throw away wet carpets, and replace any absorbent surfaces that are very wet. In case of major damage, call an expert.

Water damage restoration professionals use special equipment to control moisture and protect your most valuable assets. They can also identify any signs of mold and other microorganisms that pose health risks. Mold growth can occur anytime after water damage. If it’s left in place, it may affect your immune system and cause upper respiratory diseases, asthma, and allergies.

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Botox is most popularly known as a procedure that removes wrinkles and makes the face look brighter and more youthful.  There are past and current studies that show benefits of using Botox in patients with migraines or neuromuscular spasmodic disorders who are resistant to other treatment regiments as well; however, the majority of Botox information, training, and certification are focused solely around its cosmetic benefits.

This does not mean it can’t be used for other medical conditions; however, for practitioners who are looking to broaden their practice and help their medical patients with this type of treatment, they may consider undergoing the specific Botox training and certification programs located online and all throughout the United States and UK so they can learn proper preparation, storage, and injection techniques of Botox.

Generally speaking, training involves the following types of courses:

  • A comprehensive overview of the history of Botox, as well as recent advancements
  • Information on how to select and educate patients
  • Hands-on practical experience with marking and injection techniques on patients with expert professionals available to help guide you in technique.
  • Plenty of clinical support and business advice on how to incorporate Botox injections into existing practices


While aesthetic medicine and cosmetics are a constantly growing field, researchers have found other medically beneficial uses for Botox injections.  Since it works to inhibit spasms and blocking certain signals to the brain, it helps with conditions such as:

  • Migraine headaches
  • Urinary urgency or incontinence
  • Muscle spasms that occur in conditions like multiple sclerosis, Bell’s palsy, tremors, and excessive eye twitching
  • Hyperhidrosis (excess sweating)
  • Urinary urgency or incontinence. This is more common in women and happens when the wall of the bladder spasms repeatedly
  • Pain from tennis elbow


Interestingly, recent studies have shown that injection of botulinium toxin A (Botox or other form of it) can actually dampen or reduce the ability to feel emotions.  Facial expressions generally play a role in our ability to express our feelings.  When those nerves are inhibited, there is no “message” to the brain that communicates the emotion, so the chemical effect is actually lessened.  It begs the question if Botox or botulinium toxin injections could help in cases of grief-driven depression or anxiety.  Further studies, of course, will need to be done to look at the overall affects on mood-regulating chemistry.

Overall, however, Botox training is a great way to broaden horizons in the growing field of medicine, especially for practitioners who are looking to help patients with less conservative measures.


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It only takes a quick look at the back of your toothpaste tube to reveal an overwhelming list of unpronounceable ingredients and a disturbing warning not to swallow.  A quick internet search on these ingredients can quickly lead one to believe that many toothpastes are toxic.

Besides fluoride, a toxic ingredient by itself, it is a common ingredient in rat poison and pesticides.  Many toothpastes also contain sodium lauryl sulfate, and propylene glycol, ingredients that are also found in pesticides and are suspected carcinogens.  DEA is an ingredient known to cause skin and eye irritation.  Some toothpastes even contain triclosan, a primary ingredient in many antibacterial products and another suspected carcinogen.

If that weren’t enough, a tube of this toxic substance can cost as much as $7.  For a natural, nontoxic, and much less expensive alternative, consider making your own.  It couldn’t be easier, and the ingredients are easy to obtain.


Baking soda – a mild abrasive and natural whitener
Coconut oil – antibacterial and antifungal, also used to give the toothpaste a ‘paste’ consistency
Essential oil – optional, for flavor, flavoring oils such as those used in making candy will also work
Stevia or xylitol – optional, for sweetness.

Our Best Recipe:

  1. Collect ingredients – Chances are you have baking soda and probably some essential or flavoring oils in your kitchen.  Stevia and coconut oil are both available at your favorite supermarket.  Xylitol is also a good addition, but you may have to go to your local health food store to find it.
  2. Mix the ingredients – You’ll notice that I haven’t given amounts.  That’s because it all depends on how much you want to make and what kind of consistency you like.  You will probably want to start with a small batch at first.  Start with equal parts baking soda and coconut oil.  Depending on the weather, you may need to warm the coconut oil.  A few seconds in the microwave should be sufficient.  Mix thoroughly and adjust until you reach the consistency you want, but be aware that it will change a little over time.  Add your sweetener and oils as desired and mix again.  Be careful with the oil, start with a couple of drops and taste test your mixture.
  3. Store your toothpaste in an airtight container.  You can either dip your toothbrush directly in it or use a craft stick to spread some on the toothbrush.

A note on essential oils: If you look at a bottle of essential oils, it probably tells you not to use it internally.  I wouldn’t be concerned, for the simple fact that you are only using a couple of drops for the entire batch.  But if you are concerned, substitute flavoring oils.  They aren’t as strong, so you may need to use a little more, but they are made for use in candies and confections, so they are intended to be consumed.

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As every parent could testify, getting somebody you can depend on to handle your child’s health care could be challenging, and as Dr. Daniel Vinograd, an integrative pediatric dentist and also orthodontist based in San Diego says, numerous dentists could claim to be holistic, yet aren’t. “Holistic dentistry has actually emerge as sort of a pattern,” she says. Like holistic physicians, holistic or natural dentists believe that your teeth are an important part of the body, thereby, your overall health. Which implies that your oral as well as dental health could actually impact other procedures? “As a holistic dental professional your aim ought to be to get your client to the ideal place he or she can be with his or her body overall,” states Dr. Daniel Vinograd. Here are some questions to ask to find out if your dentist’s ideas line up with yours:

What will you cover in the 1st examination? “Generally, almost all pediatric dentists spend between 3 and 7 mins. to complete an examination, and in my viewpoint it’s unachievable to capture the whole thing in 3 to 7 minutes,” says Dr. Daniel Vinograd. Certain subjects the dental professional need to cover: The well being of infant as well as permanent teeth, jaw deviation, asymmetry and also advancement, rest quality and positions, good posture, airway and respiration challenges, materials he’ll make use of, and even the rest of the body. He also need to speak with you regarding your child’s eating habits, she says. “Not simply necessarily sweets, however what your kid is eating for every meal, the number of vegetables and fruit she consumes on a daily basis, the amount of dairy, protein, as well as carbohydrates—all these items assist us to obtain a more comprehensive evaluate the child completely,” explains Dr. Daniel Vinograd.

What kinds of substances do you make use of? Some of the substantial ones to keep away from: dental amalgam—a material composed of copper, silver, and mercury that’s employed in silver dental fillings to restore decayed teeth and also has been connected to a number of health and environmental issues; fluoride—whose use should be refrained from whenever possible, says Dr. Daniel Vinograd; and BPA, present in mouth guards, sealants which are applied to cavity-prone parts, as well as other dental appliances.

What’s your policy on x-rays? While a number of holistic dentists might steer clear of having x-rays completely, it’s not necessarily more beneficial for your kid, says Dr. Daniel Vinograd. “If I don’t use x-rays before I begin a case, I’m merely moving in blindly and I could skip lots of things,” she says. “Your dental professional should certainly take more of an individualistic approach—if he uses them just about every six months, irrespective of the patient’s record, that’s not advantageous either.” Dr. Daniel Vinograd employs a machine that exposes victims to the minimum amount of radiation achievable while Pockrass prefers for electronic x-raying—machines which utilize a sensor as opposed to film to record an image and expose someone to 75 to 90 % less radiation compared to regular machines.

Do you carry out root canals? Frequently utilized in conventional dentistry, root canal treatment is a process in which a decayed or infected tooth is stripped of its nerve and pulp, cleansed of any microorganisms, and covered. However, says Dr. Daniel Vinograd, the chemicals utilized to sterilize the tooth and kill the nerve (as well as surrounding tissue) are harmful, that could really end up leaking into the system via the source of the tooth. The way your dental professional decides to treat an infected tooth may differ, yet a number of dentists will prefer to remove the tooth—and any infection-causing bacteria—entirely, to avert infection from growing to other parts of the body.

Brighton Dental in San Diego, California and Dr. Daniel Vinograd are proud to announce free dental consultations on January 1, 2015. Dentists and dental associations recommend visiting a dentist every six months because there’s no better way to maintain overall health than to maintain strong teeth and a clean mouth. Are you or is someone in your family overdue for dental services?

Come visit us so we can take inventory of where you stand by checking your teeth and gums for decay and other issues and examining your head and neck as well. The free consultation we provide could very literally save your life and also help you get on a path toward better oral and overall health.

Begin the year well as we examine:

  • - your face, neck and lymph nodes
  • - you jaw, looking for signs of TMD
  • - your gums for signs of disease
  • - your teeth for decay
  • - your tongue
  • - your other oral tissue
  • - your bite alignment
  • - your dental appliances to see that the fit
  • - and more.

To maintain oral health, there is nothing more important than keeping your mouth, head and neck in good condition. You really can’t afford to miss an opportunity like this for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Adults and kids alike can benefit from good oral and overall health, and a checkup now could mean early detection of a potential problems. It makes sense to start 2015 off on the right foot by using a part of your New Year’s Day to get a free dental consultation from Brighton Dental and Dr. Vinograd.

For more details and information about this opportunity, contact us in San Diego at (619) 640-5100, or visit www.brightondentalSD.com. We look forward to helping you in every way possible so that you can live the great life you deserve.

barn door in houseYou will never guess, where else you can see a sliding barn, if not in a barn. This place can be a house of your friends, modern office premises or even your own apartment. Check out a new approach to sliding barn door in the interior design.

Point 1. For those who rely only on themselves

There are people who enjoy doing everything yourself and who simply do not trust creating important interior pieces to “amateur professionals”. In such case – sliding barn doors will be definitely their cup of tea. On the one hand, the craving for something new created on their own is satisfied. On the other hand, such piece of interior as sliding barn doors will become the attraction of any apartment. Just look through the workshops on DIY sliding barn doors and soon you will get hang of it.

Point 2. If you have decided on barn doors for your place

  • Think about space it is going to cover. Unless the doors or the materials are already bought you still have a http://barndoorsla.comchance to alter your plan.
  • Decide on the style of your sliding barn doors. It is better if you can make it match with the rest of the room or an outstanding part of it.
  • Color matters as well – be it dark brown, white or transparent – it is only up to you to decide. However, try opting for the one that will become a functional and visual gem of your room.

Point 3. Use your space to the fullest

Sliding barn doors vary from one to another depending on their size and type. Some are rally great for large rooms where they serve not only as functional elements but also as pieces of décor that add a special touch to the room. It is a good option for large spaces to have a two-panel sliding barn doors, which will cover the wall on both sides of the big opening.

Point 4. Let the sliding barn doors be everywhere you go

Until recently, you could have bumped into sliding barn doors only in a barn. As time flies, sliding barn doors are acquiring new roles in houses, offices, shops, gyms and other places. White doors with matt white glass can be good for hospitals, while brown wooden doors can liven up the atmosphere in an office.

Point 5. Sliding barn doors tips

Sliding barn doors can solve any of your interior problems, add more colors and style to any room if you do everything right. Select the system that will fit your room and meet the needs from the designer point of view. Choose the material that does not make your room heavy. The last but not least, do not try to save on the mechanism – choose the most reliable one and the sliding barn doors will serve you for years.

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Sliding Closet Doors

Acrylic & Glass

Translucent acrylic or patterned glass offer a simple, yet sleek design that compliments a homes’ interior while providing superb functionality. Every door is finished on both sides, and there are never any visible screws or fasteners ever. We use lightweight aluminum for our frames, which means it counts towards going green! It could be that you need some frosted glass sliding doors for your closet, this is the right place to start your search.

 This is a simple, yet sleek design that compliments any interior while providing superb functionality. Each door is finished on both sides with no visible screws or fasteners and utilizes a lightweight aluminum frame, making it attractive for green projects! Whether you need frosted glass closet sliding doors, mirrored wardrobe sliding doors, simple bypassing closet doors, or custom size closet doors, this is the place to find it.
Layered Glass
Intricate design layers give you an incredible effect between two pieces of clear, tempered glass. Striking and unique, these glass interlayers offer a highly detailed, high-end element of sliding closet doors just right for your space.
High quality woodgrain solid surfaces are a great match for your interior space when you need a custom sliding closet door. Enjoy our smooth roll and quick installation with our four standard frame finishes. We have ten standard woodgrain interlayers for you to make your selection from to complete your bedroom wardrobe.


Trapped Series

When two layers of tempered glass slide natural materials ‘trapping” it between the two panes. This trapped natural material creates a dazzlingly unique Trapped Series for KNR’s custom sliding closet doors. With our aluminum frames and standard finished we can easily guide you to the door that will offer you the most privacy. We have options in clear or frosted diffusion for the rear glass panel.

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Like any other integral part of the body, the teeth require the same proper care. Once it gets damaged as a result of physical injuries or decay, the outcome is great pain which if not treated immediately, may eventually lead to adverse complications. For this reason, tooth extractions serve as the most ideal way to deal with tooth decay.

So, what is this tooth extraction and when is it the Right Choice?

Tooth extraction is typically a surgical procedure administered by tooth extraction San Diego specialists to prevent further tooth decay and to relieve the patient from pain of an aching tooth.

There are times when, no matter how much you don’t want your tooth extracted, you just can’t bear the pain and extracting it remains to be the only solution. But when is the right time to extract that stubborn aching tooth.

There numerous reasons your tooth may demand to be removed. A tooth extraction procedure may be performed to your tooth if your dentist finds it non-restorable. Once all the other tooth restoration procedures fail, then, tooth extraction turn as the only best solution.

Additionally, tooth extraction may be considered if a tooth has a fractured root, an extensive bone loss, or when it becomes unresponsive to root canal therapy. However, there are times when a tooth may require extraction even if it’s not infected; a typical instance when the wisdom tooth protrudes outside the mouth which may result into chronic gum infections.

Another call for alarm is with crowded teeth. Tooth extraction is carried out on crowded teeth to make room for aligning the rest of the teeth.

What should you expect?

Your dentist starts by ensuring that you’re in good health to withstand the procedure without any complication and later performs a thorough review of all the other options. You are then injected with a local anesthetic to numb the part surrounding the tooth to be removed.

However, a general anesthesia is administered if more than one tooth is to be removed or if you have an impacted tooth. This makes you fall asleep throughout the procedure and prevent pain throughout your entire body.

If your tooth happens to be impacted, gum and bone tissue covering are cut away. Afterwards, with the help of a pair of forceps, your dentist grasps the tooth gently rocking it to loosen from the jaw bone. In case your tooth becomes hard-to-pull, your dentist is obliged to remove it in pieces. A point to note here is that poorly done tooth extraction can aggravate the pain and even lead to severe dental trauma.

Therefore, you must ensure that your tooth is extracted by a qualified dentist at the right time, with utmost care and professionalism. If tooth-aches have been causing you great pain and suffering, then you need not to suffer anymore. Tooth extraction San Diego dentists include a team of highly trained specialists that perform tooth extraction procedure with utmost diligence and compassion. If you want to recover your oral health, extracting your ailing tooth may be very essential rather than restoring it.

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